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Meet Angel

Born and raised in California, I have been on a lifelong search to become the best human I could be. In 1999 I married my husband who came with a bonus daughter, and had two additional beautiful girls. With family being the main focus of my life, I continued finding ways to transform myself.

Having lived with depression and anxiety for most of my kids young lives, I have been on a long journey to feel better and came up with tons of tips and tricks that have worked for me though out the years.  I feel like there are people out there who are suffering like I did and can really use some guidance when it comes to what it means to have depression and anxiety and how can you start to embrace who you are, learn your strengths and create an atmosphere and support system that will allow you to live a life of joy and passion.

When I am in a depressive episode, the first thing that goes is my ability to feel joy…to feel anything at all really.  So it is my goal to bring joy to your life and work with you directly to figure out how to do that.

I am not a licensed therapist of doctor, just a women who learned from her experience and is compelled to share.  I would love to work with you if you feel I am a fit.